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Conversation 1

You will hear a man asking a colleague for the information about a former employee.

– Personnel.
– Hello, it’s Tim here, from Finance.
– Hi, Tim.
– I’ve had a letter for the tax office about a student who worked here last summer. I wonder if you can look up in your records.
– Sure. What’s the name?
– The surname is Jaye, First name Steven.
– How does he spell his surname?
– J A Y E, got that?
– Yes, here we are. Live at 183 School Road, Barnfield.
– Yes, that’s the one.
– And you say he was working in Finance?
– Customer service, actually.
– They have lots of students working for them last summer.
– Well, the tax people want to know his exact job title. I am not sure why.
– Let me see. He was an office assistant.
– Right, got that. They also want to know his monthly earnings.
– Let’s have a look. 538 pound 70 a month. Sorry, he was a scale one. So that’s 457 pounds 60. Anything else?
– That’s fine, thanks. I will send them the information today.

Conversation 2

You will hear a man describing a problem with an order.

– Hello, Blackwell Printer, Julie Davidson speaking. How may I help you?
– Hello, this is Mark Jones, from Europe Holiday. I was hoping to speak to Steven Kirby about the stationary you’re printing for us.
– I am afraid Steven is away until Friday.
– You see, I am not very happy about the business card, and I wanted to see if I could make a couple of changes to the paper too.
– Would you like me to pass on a message?
– Yes, please. The thing is I’ve just received your proofs. The cards themselves are fine, but you seemed to have misunderstood the quantities. I am sure I have asked 500 for each of the marketing executives and 750 for me. But you put everyone down for 750.
– Right, I will make a note of that. Is there anything else?
– Yes, well, this is my mistake really. Could you ask Steven to move the company logo further to the left? It’s too closed to the address at the moment. I think that’s all for now. Thanks.

Conversation 3
You will hear a woman making arrangement for a delegation who is going to visit her company.
– Geoff. I just want to finalize the preparation for the delegation next week.
– Certainly, it’s Thursday, isn’t it?
– Yes, now, can you make sure each of them gets a name badge and an information pack. The badges are done but you need to prepare the packs with all the relevant information.
– Ok, that shouldn’t take too long. What about catering?
– Coffee organized for 11:03 but lunch is at 1. We need to reserve it for 12 people. The office restaurant is closed next week. Can you ring the Park Hotel? The Grant Hotel is a bit appointing last time.
– I will get onto that.
– They will be coming straight from the station. Their taxi will bring them to the front gate. Make sure you are there to greet them. That will be about 10.
– And then?
– Into reception, I think. Make sure the new designs are on display. I want them to see first.
– Ok.
– Let me know when it’s all finalized. Bye.


Section 1

Well, no wonder the bank returned it unpaid. Look, the figures don’t match the amount in words. I expect someone was filling it in in too much of a hurry. Let’s see. We’d better issue another one straight away to paid Mrs. Burton, because it will be another three weeks if we wait for the next cycle of payments. Her expense on that sale trip was pretty high. It wouldn’t be fair to keep her waiting much longer.

Some of the suppliers are already asking about the increases. I will check but I seem to remember from last week’s meeting, that in the end, we agree on 3%. So what I will do, is (to) go down each column, calculate the new amounts and then it’s printed in time to be inserted into the new brochures. Can you check the figure for me, though, before it goes to the printers?

We just received your paper work about cleaning our premises. And I have to say that it doesn’t reflect what we agreed in our conversation last week. For a thing, it says we have to so supply our security code; And for another, it specifies monthly payment in advance. And I told you, both of those are out of the question. I am afraid, I really can’t sign this. Could you send me a revised one?

Of course, this certainly gives us a very general picture. But as you can see, cash is a particularly health area. That’s even when we take into account regular outgoings on loans and leasing equipment, which are included in the final totals. And even more significantly, unpaid orders are excluded from the final calculation. This represents a sum of approximately 30,000 pounds.
With that mind, we can say the company’s overall position is still strong.

I’ve just asked the Arden Conference Center about the availability for our next training seminar. And they said they still haven’t been paid for the one before last, which should have been dealt with six months ago. I’ve had to ask them to send the duplicate. We really must be careful. Arden gave us very favorable prices, but we haven’t got a contract with them. Can you deal with it straight away, so we stay in their good books?

Section 2

Hello, this is Guy Copper from Centron Electronics here. I believe you rang for some advices about your alarm system which isn’t functioning properly. The message I got said you weren’t sure if you needed someone to come and sort it out, or if we would advise over the phone. Well, perhaps you would like to get back to me as soon as it’s convenient and tell me exactly what the problem is, and I will see what I can do.

Well, as you say, Redlon has been supplying us for years. But, quite honestly, 2/3 of complains we receive about our products are actually due to faults in components we have from Redlon. So, I talked to the production manager and he agreed that I should look at some alternatives. Future World’s range is fine for us, and one of their customers who I spoke to recommended them highly. So that’s why we change to using them.

The competitions are getting tougher, and you know we are facing serious problems. We need to see more benefit from the undeniably hard work we’re putting in. And this means saying no to jobs which aren’t profitable. It would become much more beneficial to put all our effort in to winning higher margin contracts. So the way I feel you can help most, is by identifying the type of contacts which will bring in the income we need in order to ensure our future

John Woods here phoning about the project we discussed earlier. Could you give me a ring, so we can talk about it a bit more? I have done a few calculations and I’m beginning to wonder whether it’s really a practical proposition. I still think the project got potential. But there are significant additional costs we haven’t taken into account. So could you get back to me as soon as you can please?

Hello, Sally here from Pagwell Paint returning your call. I am very sorry you aren’t happy with the latest consignment you have from us. It’s rather strange because following your complaint about your last delivery, we did in fact take action to change the specifications in the way you suggested. So it isn’t quite fair to say that we ignored your advice. I know it’s important to achieve the consistency you require, but perhaps your recommendation wasn’t what exactly needed.


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